Tidying up the smartphone togetherSpring cleaning for cell phones - tips for parents

With the arrival of spring, it's time for the traditional spring clean around the house. It is also important to regularly tidy up our digital devices. Make sure that the apps your children use are age-appropriate, safe and educationally valuable. We give you tips on how you can create a positive and safe digital environment together with your child.

The variety of apps available free of charge and for a fee is enormous. From messengers and social media platforms to games, there are apps to suit every need and interest. However, not all free downloadable apps are suitable for children. You should therefore regularly check whether the apps on your children's mobile devices are age-appropriate and safe. Find out about the minimum age and usage guidelines.

Do the app check

Delete unsuitable, insecure or data-hungry apps! When we use apps, we leave behind personal traces and should be as data-efficient as possible. At  "App-Check" from mobilsicher you will find detailed information on the data transmission behavior of popular apps (Android).

Further information, tips and materials on data protection can be found in our article"Do NOT let yourself be monitored - protect yourself".

Children should learn how to use the internet responsibly and safely in protected environments. Parents play a crucial role here: by choosing age-appropriate services together, discussing usage rules and discovering valuable apps together, parents can ensure that their children are active online safely and make the right decisions.

How to recognize apps suitable for children

A child-friendly app...

  • is non-violent and only presents age-appropriate content.
  • is simple in structure, easy to use, uses a child-friendly approach and does not contain too much text.
  • stimulates your child's imagination and curiosity.
  • does without advertising and links to social networks, advertising sites, app stores or other offers that are not suitable for children.
  • does not offer the option of purchasing add-ons (e.g. special game items that can be bought directly from the app, so-called in-app purchases).
  • is best used without an internet connection.

Educationally valuable apps

Tip: At Studio im Netz you will find excellent apps for children and teenagers.