For grades 8 to 10: the new "SWR Fakefinder for school

Online quiz for accurate filtering of false news | Teaching materials and worksheets enable individual media education in school classes.

Fake news is everywhere on the Internet. Whether politically motivated disinformation, a bad joke or satire - fakes are all too quickly liked and shared. Young people therefore need to learn strategies for evaluating information and its sources and checking the truthfulness of an Internet message.

The "SWR Fakefinder for school" provides important assistance in this regard. For use in the classroom, Südwestrundfunk (SWR) offers the specially developed functionality of a virtual classroom. In the online quiz, young people rate posts by virtual friends in a news feed as "fake" or "not fake." Another friend chimes in with chat messages and gives the teens tips on how to classify the posts.

Checking sources, searching for images backwards
Step by step, the quiz thus introduces students to important research techniques. For example, they learn how to check sources, how to start a reverse image search, and which websites reliably detect fakes on the Internet. The teacher follows the progress of the class in a virtual learning room and can thus track and monitor the learning progress of the individual young people. The game's core target group is students in grades 8 to 10.

Individual design options
Depending on the prior knowledge of the class and the time available, the teacher can adapt the number and selection of the tasks set. To do so, she can add more messages or reduce the number of preset messages. Later in the game situation, the teacher can follow live who has already mastered a task and whether he or she was successful.


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