Scrolling Guide from klicksafeGood offers for young people on social media and co.

There is a wide range of different information and entertainment channels on the internet. This often makes it difficult for young people to find safe and reputable content and profiles. Our new scrolling guide helps you to support young people in their self-determined surfing.

Staying safe in the digital world is particularly important for young people. After all, they spend a large part of their free time online. The smartphone is mainly used for communication and entertainment. And also for searching for information and news. A high level of media literacy and life experience is required to be able to judge whether content is really serious. It is therefore important for young people to have reliable information channels and online services that they can trust with a clear conscience.

With the klicksafe Scrolling Guide, we support educational professionals in making young people aware of precisely these services. After all, there are good online services that address young people at eye level and offer reliable information.

Over the next few weeks, we will be presenting numerous safe and reputable services for young people on our Instagram and X (Twitter) channels. We will also gradually publish and link to the info-sharepics on various topics such as "Fit against fakes","Well informed" or "Help & advice" in this news article.

Sharepic collection

Well informed - news offerings on social media

Get young people fit against fakes - interactive offers

Data protection for young people

Well informed - information portals for young people

Help & Advice

Hate-free surfing: Report & Inform