Handysektor fasting campaign: "Time out" from the smartphone

The countdown is on: March 1 marks the beginning of the 40-day Lenten season this year.

Some people consciously abstain from meat, alcohol, sweets or other luxury and consumer goods from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, for example. However, Lent is also a time for deceleration and rest. The information portal for young people www.handysektor.de calls therefore again all pupils to the common renouncement on the Smartphone.

How long can you go without?

According to the JIM Study 2016, 98 percent of all young people own a cell phone or smartphone. Handysektor wants to show that it is also possible without a cell phone. The task is quite simple: switch off your smartphone and see how long you can go without it. Whether it's just one day, one week or even 40 days - everyone decides for themselves on the duration. The goal is to develop a more conscious approach to the smartphone by doing without it and to recognize in which situations the cell phone can be superfluous and where its use seems quite useful.

Cell phone fasting light with the Real Life Challenge

If you don't dare to switch off your smartphone completely, you can try a playful way of doing without individual aspects of digital communication. The Handysektor card game "Real-Life-Challenge" helps. Who manages not to pick up their cell phone more than five times a day? Who can plan a trip on public transport without the help of a smartphone and the Internet? Who dares to delete all apps that have not been used for more than three months? Each player receives a deck of cards and sets their counterpart a task. Whoever passes the challenge receives points.

Support is available on the Internet

It's easier to fast together. That's why Handysektor is offering help via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Participants can exchange information and motivate each other under #Handyfasten. It's also easier if the whole class joins in. For educators, there is a special lesson on the fasting action, and for young people there are many useful tips and alternative suggestions for free time at www.handysektor.de/handyfasten.

Tips for cell phone fasting

  • Find comrades-in-arms and do cell phone fasting together with friends.
  • Set goals and rules for how long and under what conditions to fast
  • Inform family and friends about the digital cure
  • Get replacements for frequently used functions in good time (e.g. alarm clock, calendar, timetable)
  • Switch off your cell phone completely and lock it away
  • Keep a diary and note where the cell phone is missing and what other things you suddenly have time for.
  • During fasting, simply send letters and wait for a reaction
  • A reward for the Handyfasten in prospect place itself


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