Mobile Phone Sector Theme Month: Wearables

Data glasses on the nose, smartwatches on the wrist and intelligent sensors in clothing: Mobile computers are increasingly permeating our lives. So-called wearables - small computers that we wear on our bodies - sound like dreams of the future, but they are already a reality in many places.

The youth portal takes a closer look at the technology trend: In the device test, the new Snapchat Spectacles glasses are tested for everyday suitability and the phenomenon of smartwatches is examined in more detail. The aspects of privacy and data protection are also examined in detail. Finally, a checklist shows all the important points when using wearables.

Snapchat Spectacles: Video glasses in everyday use

From a distance, they look like normal sunglasses. But there's much more to Snapchat Spectacles: The video glasses record movies from the wearer's perspective and share them with the world on Snapchat. From a data protection perspective, as well as in terms of privacy protection, this raises many questions and challenges. Handysektor has tested one, presents what the glasses can really do, and asks about rules to protect the privacy of others.

Why the smartwatch is still not catching on

Read notifications, measure your pulse or make phone calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket: From simple fitness bracelets to multifunctional smartwatches, miniature computers for the wrist promise greater independence from the smartphone. What sounds practical often turns out to be not so simple in everyday life. Handysektor explains what to consider when choosing the right smartwatch and whether it is even necessary.

Goodbye data protection - what is collected?

They are supposed to make everyday life easier and offer new functions that we could hardly imagine before. But with the vast majority of wearables, this goes hand in hand with the collection of vast amounts of data. Equipped with numerous sensors, the devices collect a lot of private information - from location to movements during sleep. Handysektor has therefore compiled a clear checklist of tips that should be taken into account when using wearables.


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