Help with stress on the net: presents new flyers

Excessive use, sexual harassment, cyber bullying - children and young people can encounter many problems on the Internet. It is important that they get help quickly, anonymously and without complications. This is exactly what is for. On the advice and help portal, children aged 12 and over can find tips on how to help or protect themselves. also refers them to suitable offers of help or advice centres and provides information on how they can have inappropriate content removed from the Internet.

New information material from is now available to order free of charge. There are five different flyer motifs to choose from, each of which addresses different online problems, including cyberbullying, mobile phone addiction, sexual harassment online and shows young people the direct route to the advice and help platformvia QR code .

Who would like to order the Flyer for youth groups or associations or a whole class set for the school, can give up a free order (up to 500 pieces) by Mail to The flyers are also available for download on the website. Further information is available at

There you can also find further information material from the advice and help platform, e.g. social media motifs, postcards, posters and an educational video.

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