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Only four weeks until Safer Internet Day 2023! You would like to participate in SID and are still looking for a suitable idea for an action? Here you will find what you are looking for. You can then register your Safer Internet Day 2023 event with klicksafe. We will then advertise your event on our website.

You can submit your event for Safer Internet Day 2023 to register here with klicksafe. You can find many more ideas and examples in the Safer Internet Day 2023 event list.

You have planned an action or event on SID and think it could be a good idea for others? Send us the information about it by email to sid⁠☞ Please insert an @ here ☜⁠klicksafe⁠☞ Please insert a dot here ☜⁠de, and we will be happy to add it to the list below after a brief review.

Digital Detox Box

The smartphone generation is feeling increasingly burned out. With the Digital Detox Box, young people learn to evaluate their own usage behavior, use digital devices more consciously, and think about digital well-being. The strategies range from cell phone fasting and time-out exercises to hand-strengthening finger yoga.

The Digital Detox Box was developed in a cooperation between the projects klicksafe and Handysektor and offers 16 selected methods from media education practice. The methods are designed for use in school lessons as well as for extracurricular youth work. They are well suited for spontaneous use in substitute lessons.

Quiz collection for teenagers

A total of 13 quizzes on topics as diverse as cyberbullying, digital games or conspiracy theories are available on The klicksafe quizzes are suitable for sensitizing young people to the respective topic. The quizzes are a fun way to impart and consolidate knowledge on the individual topics. In addition, young people receive valuable tips on where they can find more in-depth information. All quizzes can be found on our overview page.

Our rules for the class chat

By the time they reach secondary school, at the latest, many students have their own smartphone on their wish list. Even if not all students have their own device: There is almost always a class chat group. The class chat group is used for exchanges that usually go beyond school-related topics. A lack of netiquette and time or topic limits in class chat groups often lead to problems such as cyberbullying or excessive demands. Interactions in the chat and any problems in the class chat can also negatively affect the class climate. To prevent these problems, rules for the class group chat can be defined together with the students at the beginning of the school year. It is important to determine not only what content belongs in the chat, but also who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules and any sanctions.

In the bunker of lies

In this Actionbound game, young people can track down fake news and conspiracy narratives. Under the government quarter in Berlin there is a secret bunker in which "dark machinations" take place. At least that's what the anonymous conspiracy ideologue Y reports. Together with K, who deals with the dissemination of conspiracy narratives, the players explore the question of how to recognize disinformation.
"In the Bunker of Lies" is available for free through the Actionbound app. The average playing time is 25 minutes. Tips for use in the classroom are available in an information sheet for educators.

App+on - Safe, critical and fair on the net

The teaching material "App+on - Sicher, kritisch und fair im Netz" (App+on - safe, critical and fair online) is aimed at students in fifth grade and above and comprises ten learning units. The teaching units are based on ten selected videos from the ZDFtivi media education web magazine "App+on". Topics include false ideals of beauty on Instagram, the dangers of fake news, or the repetition of gender stereotypes in online profiles. In the units, which each comprise one school hour, children and young people are educated about possible risks. They can repeat what they have learned in small project tasks and transfer it to everyday practice.

Cosmos YouTube

YouTube offers many opportunities - such as the deepening of school content through learning videos - but also harbors some risks. The teaching material "Kosmos YouTube" provides information about critical aspects, such as unrestrained consumption, the influence of advertising, and problematic role models in terms of political opinion-forming or body image.

The material is recommended for use in grades 6 and up. In addition to information texts, the teaching material offers four project suggestions for the classroom. In addition, the supplementary projects Pranks - Alles nur Spaß??? and Challenges - Alles nur Spaß??? are available for download.

Through the year with klicksafe - 12 units of media education for elementary school

The material "Through the year with klicksafe - 12 units of media education for elementary school" gives you ideas on how to integrate monthly media education units into your school year planning. The 12 units + 2 additional projects have been developed from work with the klicksafe Children's Panel - a focus group of 7-11 year old pupils - and are suitable for grades 2-6.