Who is influencing my child?Influencers - the new stars on the Internet

Whether it's picture poses, outfits or trends - influencers are the new stars and dictate what's hot. Hidden advertising messages, distorted representations of reality and problematic content and role models can have a negative influence. How do influencers work and what should parents and guardians keep in mind? We answer these questions on our new topic page. In addition, there is a wide range of materials for parents, teachers and young people on the topic of influencers.

New topic page on influencers

On our new topic page, you can find out what makes influencers tick and how they earn their money. There are also tips for parents and guardians on how to engage in an informed exchange with children and young people about their idols. If you would like more in-depth information on topics such as political extremism, problematic role models and one-sided body images among influencers, you will also find information on this on our new topic page.

Video series #ParentsInformed on the topic of influencers

For children and young people, social media stars on Instagram, YouTube & Co are important role models. However, they are sometimes viewed with skepticism by parents. Consumer glorification, one-sided role models and a distorted portrayal of reality can also have a negative influence on young people. Our video series #ParentsInformed offers a comprehensive insight into the topic of influencers.