Orderable againInformation brochures for parents: How to keep your child safe on the Internet

Parents are in a difficult position when it comes to media education. On the one hand, they have to protect their children from bad content. On the other hand, however, children also have a right to access the Internet. klicksafe helps parents find a good middle ground between protection and digital participation. In our two revised info brochures, parents will find many tips on this topic. As of now, the brochures can be ordered again via the klicksafe material system.

Safe in social media - tips for parents

The flyer informs parents about the opportunities and risks of social services such as WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram and Co. In addition to the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with others, children and young people can be confronted with bullying, grooming or copyright infringements. In nine short sections, parents learn how they can help their children navigate the services more safely and competently. The challenges of digital education are also addressed.

How your child can surf the Internet more safely - tips for parents

The flyer "So surft Ihr Kind sicherer im Internet - Tipps für Eltern" (How to make your child safer on the Internet - tips for parents) is a practical turnaround flyer with tips for parents of younger children (up to approx. 10 years) and for parents of older children (from approx. 10 years). On 16 pages, you will find information and tips on how to provide children and young people with safe access to the Internet.

You can order or download both brochures via our material system