Internet ABC: New special topic for the start of school

Doing homework with the Internet? This question is on the minds of many parents, as well as the experts at Internet-ABC. Just in time for the start of the new school year, the Internet-ABC has compiled the most important background information on the topic.

Nowadays, children grow up digitally as a matter of course. Even at preschool age, they take photos with their parents' smartphones or play (educational) games on their tablets.

This confronts many mothers and fathers with questions that did not play a role in their childhood:

  • How much Internet can your child tolerate and from what age?
  • How can children learn to navigate safely through the flood of information on the Internet?
  • Which offers are suitable for this?

The fact is: children can research information for school and lessons, use learning software or even check for themselves whether the results of individual school assignments are correct. Countless offers on the Internet suggest to children that they make learning easier. It is important to know that commercial interests are often behind such offers. Sometimes, the content conveyed there does not correspond to the curriculum. Sometimes they are even incorrect. On its website, the Internet-ABC offers assistance and information for safe use of the Internet. Numerous offers can be used in the school context.


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