Internet ABC: New Topic Special

Topic Special "Playing on the Internet: Online games and apps - good for the child?"

The summer vacations are just around the corner: finally some time to play as the mood takes you! Children love to try things out playfully, it's simply part of their development. Parents and educators agree on this. But what about online games and game apps? The Internet ABC for children, parents and educators has published a new topic special on online games and apps on its portal.

Playing with digital media has become one of children's favorite pastimes. Even young children are very fond of games on the screen. But how do you find a balance in parenting for the use of these offerings? What can parents in particular do to recognize the dangers of the online world? And how can you effectively protect your child from them? Parents have many questions and fears, some exaggerated, some justified. Which games are suitable for children? Adults can inform themselves and understand the dangers and consider how to deal with them. If children use age-appropriate games, many experts believe that this can be well controlled. The topic special interviews experts, offers helpful information and useful tips for parents and educators.

The info pack also introduces the most common game genres, explaining what skills they require and what potential dangers exist. An online games checklist provides a quick overview of what to know about online games and apps. The topic special Online Games and Apps gives link tips to recommendable and child-friendly offers. And children can also learn in a playful way what they should look out for when playing online games in the Internet ABC.

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