jugendschutz.net presents status reportIslamist propaganda on the Internet also targets young people

The war of aggression against Ukraine, the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan or the German elections: In order to reach young people online, Islamists use current political events as a hook for inhumane and anti-democratic messages. They use popular services such as TikTok or Instagram, especially among young people, and present themselves as approachable and authentic, following the example of popular influencers.

From January 2021 to June 2022, jugendschutz.net registered 557 violations in the topic area Islamism. In 94 percent of the cases, deletion or blocking was achieved. Most of the violations involved the use of signs of unconstitutional organizations. Almost all registered cases (over 90 percent) were on social media services.

In addition to taking action against specific content, jugendschutz.net continuously monitors trends and phenomena in this area. As part of the competence network against hate on the net, it is funded by the BMFSFJ as part of the federal program "Demokratie leben!

→ The report "Islamism on the Net 2021/22" is available for download here.

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