Digital gamesIs Fortnite safe for children?

When kids and teens are asked about their favorite video games, one name can't be missing: Fortnite. Since its release around six years ago, the Battle Royal shooter has been one of the most successful video game titles - especially among children. Many parents are put off by the brutal game content and wonder whether Fortnite is suitable for their children. klicksafe provides the most important information at a glance.

How does Fortnite work?

Fortnite is available for all major game consoles, for the PC and for smartphone and tablet. The game is divided into different game modes. The best known is the Battle Royale mode. In this mode, 100 players compete against each other on an island. They fight until there is only one person left at the end, who has thus won the game.

In addition to Battle Royal mode, there is a game calledSave the World. In this cooperative game mode, the players* of a post-apocalyptic world fight against hordes of zombies. The goal is to complete various missions, collect resources and build bases.

Fortnite also offers a creative mode. In this mode, players can create their own islands. They can build and customize buildings, structures and environments according to their ideas.

Is Fortnite suitable for children?

  • Fortnite has been tested by the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) and approved for ages 12 and up. This clearance applies to all three game modes of the game.
  • Fortnite is available for free in all of its features. However, the game contains many prompts to spend money. For example, for a different look of the game character (so-called skins) or additional weapons. For this, the game's own currency V-Bucks has to be bought with real money.
  • Depending on the security settings, it is possible to be contacted by other players in Fortnite. This poses the risk of cybergrooming, insults and possible disclosure of personal information.
  • Especially in Battle Royale mode, it can be difficult for children to stop playing. Since there is no end to the game, it is tempting to always play another round. Fortnite's intense and competitive gameplay also keeps many players glued to the controller longer than they would like.

How to use Fortnite safely?

  • Technical settings for new accounts: When parents set up Fortnite with their child, they can set up the child's the child's account with parental controls. . Through this parental control, they can determine which security settings should apply to their child. For example, they can prevent strangers from writing to their child or prevent the child from spending money without permission. Important: The game Fortnite is always started via the Epic Games Launcher. Many other games are also available in this Epic Games Launcher. Parents should therefore activate parental controls in the Epic Games Launcher as well. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this at
  • Technical settings for existing accounts: Many children have already created an account on Fortnite without their parents knowing about it. As in many other services, it is possible to enter a false date of birth when logging in to Fortnite in order to circumvent the child protection measures. If parents find themselves in this situation, there are two options: Either they create a new account together with the child with active parental controls (as described above). Or they jointly set the already existing account as secure as possible (see Figure 4 above). Keep in mind that your child may have already invested quite a bit of time and perhaps money into his or her account. Deactivating the old account means losing all of that. However, if the old account is kept, you also have to keep in mind that the child can also undo any security settings on their own. So you should only choose this option if you trust your child to conscientiously adhere to the agreed rules.
  • Security through rules of conduct: The technical settings are important. But even the best technical protection only works if rules of conduct are agreed at the same time. These include, for example, not sharing private details with strangers on the Internet. Insults, cyberbullying and inappropriate behavior on the part of other players should be reported to the should be reported to the platform. Show your child how to do this or offer help if your child needs to report something. Also, review the Fortnite Code of Conduct with your child. Fortnite Code of Conduct so your child knows the rules on the platform. Explain to your child that they should never accept gifts or offers that promise something for free. These are usually scams or people who want to initiate sexual contact with children (so-called cybergrooming).
  • Agreements on appropriate playing time: Different ideas about how long children should play lead to disputes in many families. It is important for families to establish binding rules together at an early stage. Here, the media usage agreement can help. Media vouchers media vouchers can also be a good method. With them, the child can allocate his or her own available media time.
  • Get to know Fortnite and stay in touch: Ideally, parents try out their children's favorite games themselves. Parents who don't have the confidence to do this can also have their children show them Fortnite. This gives parents a better idea of what their children are doing in the game and what they encounter there. For a safe handling of digital games, it is not enough to make the safety settings once and agree on rules. It's important for parents to have a constant exchange with their children about their online experiences. We've put together some helpful tips on how you can encourage this exchange, we have compiled for you here.