The first smartphoneNow available to order: Parents' brochure on sexual violence on the internet

Sexually harassing communication, cybergrooming or unwanted exposure to pornography and images of abuse - children today are not only affected by sexual violence in the analog world. They also experience various forms of digital sexual violence online. This brochure provides parents and guardians with important information and tips on the question: "The first smartphone - how can I protect my child from sexual violence on the internet?".

The brochure helps parents to deal with the risks of digital sexual violence against children at an early stage. Many practical tips show how sensible media education can help to protect children from digital sexual violence.

The brochure was developed by the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues (UBSKM) and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs together with klicksafe as part of the nationwide campaign "Don't shirk your responsibility!". Further information and other materials against sexual violence can be found on the campaign website at: