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Websites specifically for children are important. They offer adolescents a safe environment for their first steps on the web. Seitenstark e.V. is committed to such child-friendly digital offerings. The SEITENSTARK-GÜTESIEGEL stands for high-quality content and a safe online world for children. Websites can apply for the SEITENSTARK-GÜTESIEGEL until April 20, 2023.

The SEITENSTARK-GÜTESIEGEL can be awarded to all high-quality child-friendly offerings in the digital space. These are, for example, offerings that support and strengthen children. And thus make a contribution to growing up well with media. Or they support children in their own personal development and in social and cultural learning. They provide information that is appropriate for children and enable them to play an active role in society. In our article "31 outstanding children's websites honored" you can read whichwebsiteshave already been awarded the SEITENSTARK-GÜTESIEGEL.

What makes a good children's offering?

Seitenstark has defined five standards for digital children's media. Good children's offerings ...

  1. ... have a child-friendly concept.
  2. ... convey positive basic values.
  3. ... contribute to media competence.
  4. ... enable children to participate.
  5. ... provide protection and safety.

More detailed information can be found on the Seitenstark website or in this PDF document.

If you are interested in the SITE STRONG GOODS LABEL, you will find on this page the test and application tool. Here you can get an initial assessment of whether your offer is eligible for the seal of approval. Afterwards, you can apply for the SEITENSTARK seal of approval right away.

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