Dieter Baacke PrizeApply now for nationwide award for media education projects!

The Dieter Baacke Prize is awarded to educational, social and cultural projects throughout Germany. The aim is to honor and publicize outstanding media education projects and methods of active media work. Applications are invited from projects that teach children, young people and families how to deal creatively and critically with the media and thus promote media literacy. The Dieter Baacke Prize is awarded by the Society for Media Education and Communication Culture (GMK) and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Dieter Baacke Prize 2023 is awarded in the following categories, each of which is endowed with €2,000:

  • Category A: Projects by and with children (0 to 13 years)
    Media education projects that enable children to use media creatively andto express their ideas, views and fantasies through the media. Projects that tie in with children's media interests, communication cultures and lifeworlds and promote their critical faculties and participation in an age-appropriate manner. Projects that creatively promote the joint activities of children and parents or grandparents through media education.
  • Category B: Projects by and with young people (14 to 21 years)
    Media education projects that use innovative, outstanding methods to promote the creativity, critical faculties and participation of young people and young adults up to the age of 21. Projects that take up current media interests, communication cultures and lifeworlds of young people in an original and exemplary way.
  • Category C: Intercultural and international projects
    Projects that promote the exchange and cooperation of children and young people with and without a family history of migration through media education. Media education projects with children, adolescents, families and young adults who are new immigrants or who have been living in Germany for some time. Projects that open up media for participation and artistic expression in this context and promote the media competence of those involved.
    Or international projects that bring children, adolescents and young adults into cooperation and exchange through media education, with the aim of promoting media competence and creative media understanding.
  • Category D: Inclusive and intersectional projects
    Promotion of media participation and media competence of children, young people and families in inclusive educational contexts and in support contexts. Media educational promotion of exchange, collaborative work, participation of people with and without disabilities. Intersectional media projects that deal with the interrelationships of gender, social milieu, sexual orientation, disability, generation and other multi-layered factors through media education.
  • Category E: Network projects
    Continuous, innovative media-pedagogical cooperation between various institutions, sponsors or individuals involved in media education in a sustainable network form with the aim of promoting the media competence of children, young people, families and media-pedagogical specialists.
  • Category F: Special Award
    The 2023 theme is "AI and us - creepy & ingenious": media education projects for children and young people to creatively and critically explore algorithms and artificial intelligence. More information on the annual theme is available on the website of the Dieter Baacke Prize.

How to apply

Media education projects outside schools or in cooperation with schools canstill applyuntil July 31, 2023. The projects should have been created in the previous year or this year and should be completed by July 31, 2023. The award focuses on methods and models of action- and participation-oriented, creative media education.

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