Digital Games - Pedagogically Assessed: Anniversary edition published

For 30 years, the Fachstelle für Jugendmedienkultur NRW has been offering pedagogical assistance in the assessment of digital games to all interested parties with the brochure "Digitale Spiele - Pädagogisch beurteilt" (Digital Games - Pedagogically Assessed). The anniversary edition has now been published and is available for download.

Especially in corona-determined everyday life, children and teenagers spend a lot of time playing digital games. Given the large selection of games, it is difficult for many parents to make up their own minds. Many parents base their choice of games on the USK age ratings. However, these age recommendations do not take into account educational aspects and the interaction risks of a game.

The brochure "Digital Games - Pedagogically Judged" by Spieleratgeber NRW, a project of the Fachstelle für Jugendmedienkultur NRW, and the City of Cologne provides parents and interested parties with an insight into the current games landscape. In addition to the pedagogical age assessments of the games, it contains supplementary information oninteraction risks such as chat options or user-generated content.

In the anniversary issue, readers get 60 pages of information and tips from experts on how to protect adolescents in the digital space and teach media literacy. The new issue focuses on currently popular games such as Among Us, Through The Darkest of Times, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Cyberpunk.

You can order the brochure from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.Order and download free of charge.

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