Youth series on the subject of sexting: Now in the ARD media library

What happens when nude pictures or intimate videos of children and young people end up on the Internet unintentionally? In the Norwegian series "Nudes - Nackt im Netz" (Nudes on the Net), this problem is addressed from the perspective of young victims and perpetrators. The series will be available in the ARD media library until 17.09.2021.

Sofia, Viktor and Ada - The ten-part series "Nudes - Nackt im Netz" tells the stories of these three young people. The consequences of unintentionally posting intimate pictures and videos on the Internet are discussed at eye level. The focus is also on third parties who distribute such recordings instead of reporting them.

When erotic recordings end up in the hands of strangers without being asked, those affected often feel helpless and exposed. It is therefore important that those affected do not remain alone in this situation, but confide in someone and seek help together. What options there are for those affected, for parents, but also for educators, we have compiled in our topic area sexting on the page "What to do when it goes wrong?"page.

In addition to information and recommendations for action, you can also find our teaching material "Selfies, sexting, self-portrayal" in the klicksafe topic area"Sexting" to raise awareness of the topic in the classroom.

"Nudes - Nackt im Netz" is still available free of charge in the ARD media library until 17.09.2021. The series is not suitable for children under 12.

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