jugendschutz.net report: Right-wing extremism and gaming

jugendschutz.net publishes a new report dedicated to the complex relationship between right-wing extremism and gaming culture. The report describes strategies that right-wing extremists use to make their inhuman worldview accessible. According to the report, the platforms on which propaganda and mobilization by right-wing extremists take place are not responding adequately.

Video games have been an established part of leisure behavior for many years, and not just among children and young people. However, this also makes video games interesting for right-wing extremists. As the report "Right-wing Extremism and Gaming - A Complex Relationship" shows, right-wing extremist actors use the world of video and computer games to target the lifeworlds of young users and spread their ideologies. To this end, they rely on aesthetic references, disguise their activism as a playful experience, and are also present in gaming communities.

A detailed analysis of the facts can be found in the report:

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