jugendschutz.net report: Children as YouTube stars

jugendschutz.net has investigated Germany's most popular children's and family channels and shows to what extent children's privacy rights are violated and what effect the depictions have on the child audience.

Holding products up to the camera, taking a tour of their own children's room, passing challenges: This is the everyday life of many children's YouTube influencers. Behind the little stars are entire families who help to ensure that the channel is and remains successful. In many cases, the YouTube channel is a guarantee for a secure family income. A hobby quickly turns into a business, which is apparently especially successful when the videos provide deep insights into the private lives of the protagonists. jugendschutz.net took a look at Germany's most successful children's and family channels on YouTube and discovered something alarming: All of the examined appearances contained indications of massive violations of the children's personal rights.

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