Hype around new appjugendschutz.net informs about BeReal

The BeReal app sells itself as a positive alternative to other social networks. Negative aspects such as unrealistic self-promotion are not supposed to exist here. This is ensured by the special concept of BeReal: A picture can only be posted once a day. And the time for this is randomly selected by the app. The hype around BeReal is not abating. This makes the platform interesting for children and young people as well. jugendschutz.net has now tested whether BeReal is also suitable for young users.

BeReal does things differently and wants to be an alternative to the established social media services. The app's lack of filters and image editing ties in with the debate about beauty ideals, self-staging, and fakes on Instagram. The option of being able to publish only one photo a day ties in with the debate about the addictive potential of social media. According to the app's own statement, there is no social pressure or social comparison. 

Despite these positive approaches and self-promotion, BeReal is not harmless for children and young people. The app's functions can put young users under pressure and lead them to act rashly.

For example, jugendschutz.net has found that the interaction design of BeReal tempts users to post thoughtlessly. In addition, the posted pictures are often tagged with a location. This makes it possible to draw conclusions about the place of residence. jugendschutz.net also notes that BeReal specifically targets a young audience through its ambassadors* program. According to the terms and conditions, children under 13 are excluded from using the app. Those between the ages of 13 and 16 may need the consent of a parent or guardian. However, as is known from other services, there is no reliable age control.