jugendschutz.net-Praxis Info: Corona pandemic and right-wing extremist online propaganda

75 years ago today, the Second World War in Germany came to an end with the surrender of the Wehrmacht. Commemorative days like this one remind us that fascist and National Socialist ideas have not disappeared even after three quarters of a century. We are currently witnessing ideologues in the tradition of German National Socialism trying to exploit the insecurities in the population caused by the COVID19 pandemic for their own purposes.

jugendschutz.net's Praxis Info takes a look at this worrying phenomenon under the title"Corona pandemic and right-wing extremist online propaganda". It elaborates on how the current developments around the Corona pandemic are docked to already existing right-wing extremist conspiracy narratives and hate campaigns against minorities. As a result, it is to be feared that children and young people in search of information will also come into contact with this content and become unsettled.

jugendschutz.net considers the operators of the major social media platforms to be particularly responsible for curbing right-wing extremist propaganda. It is known from the situation report on right-wing extremism 2018/2019 that a large part of racist propaganda is spread via these channels.

Another pillar of prevention is to sensitize children and young people to misinformation and propaganda online. klicksafe offers extensive material in the topic area of right-wing extremism and in the topic area of fake news that teachers and parents can use to work with children and young people on the topic of right-wing extremist propaganda online.

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