jugendschutz.net Report: Anti-Semitism online

Right-wing extremist as well as Islamist groups engage in targeted anti-Semitic online propaganda. The current jugendschutz.net report comes to the conclusion that both drastic offenses and subtle messages find high circulation on social media platforms. Therefore, young users can easily be confronted with anti-Semitic agitation on youth-oriented services.

Anti-Semitic propaganda can be found on both right-wing extremist and Islamist websites. Anti-Semitism is at the core of their worldview.

The content and narratives used are similar:

  • Conspiracy Theories,
  • denials and relativizations of the Holocaust,
  • positive references to the National Socialist extermination policy,
  • open calls for violence against Jews.

In addition to subtle messages, some of which have a high reach, it is easy to come across drastic violations such as incitement of the people and Holocaust denial or violations of human dignity.

Challenge for youth media protection
For youth media protection, anti-Semitism online represents a challenge: On platforms with an affinity for young people and in a modern guise, anti-Semitic content is also targeted at young people. Combined with drastic violent content, this can solidify hatred and make violence seem legitimate. Therefore, a systematic focus research will build on the findings from jugendschutz.net's everyday practice in the course of the year. This should result in a comprehensive and well-founded assessment of the dimensions and need for action.

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