jugendschutz.net publishes report on right-wing extremism on the net

In addition to facts and figures on violations and measures, the current situation report provides information on the dimensions and trends of right-wing extremist propaganda on the Internet.

For their propaganda, right-wing extremists use online platforms, services and formats that play a major role in the digital everyday life of many young people. This is shown by jugendschutz.net 's new report on right-wing extremism online.

For example, right-wing extremists instrumentalize gaming services andcommunities to address children and young people or TikTok to spreadright-wing rock music and Corona conspiracy myths. Topics and events such as pandemics and floods are used to try to undermine democracy. Right-wing extremists use podcasts and livestreams to present themselves to the public. Although major service providers such as YouTube are responding with improved guidelines, there is still an urgent need for action.

To the report Right-wing extremism on the Internet 2020/2021

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