JUUUPORT launches online campaign on cybergrooming

Children and young people are increasingly becoming victims of sexual harassment and violence on the Internet. The perpetrators contact them via social networks, online games and chats. The online counseling platform JUUUPORT is receiving an increasing number of inquiries from young people on this topic. That's why JUUUPORT is publishing a comprehensive online guide on cybergrooming and will launch an accompanying social media campaign on Instagram from June 23 to 25. The aim is to educate people about cybergrooming and thus carry out important prevention work to protect children and young people.

Education about sexual violence on the Internet

The Online guidebook on JUUUPORT examines the current topic of cybergrooming from different angles and gives young people practical tips on how to protect themselves from sexual harassment on the Internet. A special Online seminar for school classes has been developed. In the near future, further materials such as an information video, an information brochure and a podcast episode on the topic are to be published.

Focus topic in online counseling

At JUUUPORT, around 80 young people volunteer as JUUUPORT scouts and advise their peers via contact form or WhatsApp if they are experiencing stress online. Alongside cyberbullying, cybergrooming is one of the main topics. According to the JUUUPORT scouts, requests for advice on this topic have doubled in the past year. This is mainly due to the fact that children and young people were much more alone and more frequently online during the lockdown. With the action days, the JUUUPORT scouts want to make a contribution to cybergrooming prevention and highlight the relevance of the topic.

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