Do you know the cell phone garden?

Media-Family-Responsibility" campaign enters next phase

The campaign with the posters "Already talked to your child today? " has attracted nationwide interest. The initiators have now released the rights so that other federal states can also have the posters printed.

The campaign is aimed at parents and is intended to encourage them to question their media behavior. 

"Instead of chatting and surfing, talk and play together more often. Parents teach their children how to use the new media. That's why it's important to have clear rules in everyday life. Our children must not miss out. Nothing is more valuable than contact with them. The campaign makes a valuable social and highly topical contribution here. I would like to thank all those involved who are contributing to its success," said Health Minister Harry Glawe.

Following the successful launch of the campaign, it is now entering the next round. Educators have suggested that, in addition to the posters, they would also like to have tips to give to parents. So, in collaboration with graphic artist Mario Laars, the cartoon cell phone garden was designed for a postcard to make parents smile and think. On the back, parents receive tips for everyday life on how they can take time out from their smartphones without much effort and thus enjoy time with their children. Parents receive the following recommendations:

Cell phone tips for parents

  • Put your smartphone aside and put it on mute when you are doing activities with your child, including when you are dropping them off or picking them up from daycare, school, after-school care, etc.
  • Switch off all push functions on your smartphone and, for example, only check e-mails or WhatsApp messages manually - in other words, in a self-determined manner.
  • Eating: Digital media should be taboo during shared meals.
  • Your child has to go to the doctor? Leave the smartphone at home or in the bag and use the toys and children's books at the pediatrician's office.
  • On the road with a stroller, buggy, baby sling, running bike, etc.? Enjoy daydreaming and walks in the city or nature without a smartphone but together with your child.
  • Use the time you spend together on the bus, streetcar or train to make eye contact and talk to your small or large children.
  • Think of your role model function and sometimes simply leave the smartphone at home, in your pocket or switched off.

At the same time, a new poster motif "Playing with your child today?" has been created. The new posters will increasingly be found in public facilities, but also at pediatricians, speech therapists, etc. 

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