#EveryFourthChild: klicksafe parent campaignMaking children strong against cybergrooming

It starts seemingly harmless with a contact request. Later, inappropriate compliments, requests to send nude pictures or to meet in real life follow. Cybergrooming is the term used to describe the targeted approach of children on the Internet in order to involve them in sexualized conversations or even abusive acts. And cybergrooming is frighteningly widespread. With the parent campaign #EveryFourthChild, klicksafe therefore sensitizes parents to the dangers posed by cybergrooming. With practical tips and assistance, parents learn how they can make their child strong against sexual harassment online.

About the campaign

"Your kid shares photos with friends. Or strangers?" klicksafe addresses parents with provocative questions like these as part of the #EveryFourthChild campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Especially those who have not yet dealt intensively with the dangers of cybergrooming. Practical assistance and background knowledge on the topic are provided in materials to work through together. These include an explanatory video, the information brochure "And then he wanted naked photos - How to make your child strong against sexual harassment online" and a family checklist.

Material package

Where does cybergrooming take place? What warning signs do I need to look out for?  How can I protect my child? And what can I do if something does happen?

The following materials provide parents with an informative overview of the most important questions and answers on the topic. Further information is also available at klicksafe.de/cybergrooming

Campaign motifs

Do you want to draw attention to the #EveryFourthChild campaign and the associated materials? You are welcome to download our key visuals to use them for digital media or to use them in your educational work.

Campaign videos

klicksafe has published three short spots to promote the campaign in social media services. Feel free to download and use the spots to raise awareness of the #EveryFourthChild campaign. You can watch the spots below on YouTube and use the links to embed them. If you would like to download the spots as mp4 files, this is possible in both landscape and portrait format. To do so, please right-click on the format you want to save and select "Save as...".

Campaign videos on YouTube

Download spots #EveryFourthChild

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Youth campaign #WehrDICH

Parallel to the parent campaign #EveryFourthChild, klicksafe is implementing another campaign on the topic of cybergrooming in cooperation with the online counseling platform JUUUPORT. This is aimed directly at young people under the hashtags #WehrDICH and #GegenCybergrooming. The aim here is to empower children and young people so that they can protect themselves from targeted contact on the Internet and defend themselves against it. Because when young people are online in social media, they should know how to protect their own profiles. They should also know how to report and block contacts. It is also important that they know about contact points such as the Zebra reporting button and are equipped to seek help if they are affected by sexualized violence online.