Children's Report 2021 on media addiction published

A clear majority in Germany is in favor of restrictions on addictive media. This is one of the findings of this year's Children's Report published by the German Children's Fund. The newly published report focuses on the topic of "Media addiction and excessive media use in the area of conflict between growing up healthy and children's participation in the media.

large part of the population in Germany calls for extensive measures tocounteractmedia addiction and too much media use by children and young people in their free time . According to a representative survey for the Children's Report 2021 of the German Children's Fund, both children and young people as well as adults think it makes sense toaddress the topic of media addiction in schools for this reason. A large majority of children and young people, as well as adults, also advocate that media that can be addictive should be labeled accordingly.   Parentsalso needmore information about media addiction and therapy and counseling services need to be expanded.

Almost all of the children, young people and adults surveyed believe that families and parents have a responsibility to counteract media addiction. A very large majority also sees the users themselves as responsible, as well as the corresponding media providers, such as Facebook, Instagram or online game providers.

The Children's Report of the German Children's Fund reports on the current state of implementation of children's rights from the perspective of children and adults and provides, among other things, proposals for action in the interest of children. For the Children's Report 2021, the political research institute Kantar Public conducted two surveys, one among children and young people (10- to 17-year-olds) and one among adults (18-year-olds and older), in Germany. A total of 1,692 people were surveyed, including 669 children and young people and 1,023 adults.

The complete Kinderreport from the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk is available online.

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