Children's pages make school! - the motto for the "Children's Pages Day" on 21.10.2018

Seitenstark presents a diverse program for education and school

"Children's websites make school!" is the motto for this year's "Children's Website Day" on 21 October. The motto says it all: Internet sites for children give students a wide range of opportunities to learn in an active and action-oriented way. Teachers, educators and parents will find extensive content and materials for educational work with children in and out of school. Everyone is invited to discover the children's page landscape and to celebrate and support the day of action! Seitenstark Media Day in cooperation with the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V.
The Seitenstark Media Day on October 18 at the Löcknitz Elementary School in Berlin shows what this can look like. Lively discussions and workshops promise education with fun. Two new Seitenstark film clips with accompanying teaching concepts will be presented and provide an opportunity to discuss what is special about the children's website landscape, as well as fake news and children's protective rights on the net, such as the right to privacy and data protection. What a child-friendly Internet should look like from a child's point of view, the students work out with Tim Gailus from Timster, the media magazine of the children's channel of ARD and ZDF (KiKA), in a school lesson open to the press. On-line conference (19. Oct.) and specialized conference (27./28. Nov.)
on 19 October Seitenstark together with the initiative office "Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien invites" specialists from schools and libraries in an on-line conference to become acquainted with exemplarily three child sides, which mediate nature and environmental topics alive. "The many possibilities, which offer quality web pages for children, must be better used in school, all day and out of school education", demands Helga small one, chairmen of the board of the side strong registered association "also their special potential for social participation, participation and democracy education are not sufficiently recognized and promoted". The current annual report from shows: even 8-year-olds are confronted with bullying and harassment in social media day after day. "Children have the right to a protected, fault-tolerant space for communication with their peers on the net." Kleinen continues. "This is what they find on safe children's sites. Here they learn to use the Internet competently". In order to bring the diverse online offers for children to the schools, Seitenstark wants to cooperate specifically with those responsible for education at the federal, state and local levels. The Seitenstark conference 'Digital education offensive - with high-quality websites for children' on November 27 and 28 in Berlin will provide an opportunity for cooperation and exchange. More on the topic