klicksafe at the Stuttgart Days of Media Education

Influencers - stars of today?! - This question is the focus of the 43rd Stuttgart Days of Media Education. Reality and appearance quickly become blurred on social media platforms, especially for children and young people. As a result, many unrealistic standards and ideals are set by the role model of the influencers. klicksafe is presenting the teaching material Kosmos YouTube as part of the media education days, which teachers can use to work on the topic of influencers on YouTube with young people.

At the 43rd Stuttgart Days of Media Education, klicksafe will be giving a presentation on the topic of"Cosmos YouTube - Influencers as a topic for teaching". The work material "Kosmos YouTube" provides background information on the structures, actors and content of the popular video platform and thus sharpens young people's media criticism skills.

According to the latest JIM study, YouTube is by far the most popular Internet service among young people between the ages of 12 and 19 in Germany. The online platform offers many opportunities, such as the deepening of school content through learning videos, but also harbors some risks. The teaching material "Kosmos YouTube" by klicksafe in cooperation with Handysektor therefore also provides information about critical aspects, such as unrestrained consumption, the influence of advertising, and problematic role models in terms of political opinion-forming or body images.

The teaching material is recommended for use in grades 6 and up. In addition to factual information, it offers four project suggestions:

  • Project 1: YouTube and you
  • Project 2: Influencing you?
  • Project 3: I want to be a YouTube star!
  • Project 4: Our own learning video

Download teaching materials and additional materials:

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