klicksafe at the IGF: Online workshop on opinion power and social media

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is currently taking place. This is an open online discussion platform of the UN that deals, among other things, with the emerging opportunities and challenges of the Internet. klicksafe is participating as a member of the EU network INSAFE with an event that will be livestreamed today starting at 16:10.

"The Revolution won't be Televised, but Social Mediatised?"-Opinion Power and Social Media
Under this provocative title, klicksafe discusses the increasing opinion power of social media in all areas of user:ing in its EU network INSAFE. Drawing on a song by Gil Scott-Heron, when television still had the main power of opinion, the workshop addresses the role of social media in many private areas of life, but also the increasing influence on social debates and attitudes, especially among young people. Topics such as personal development, personality formation and identity, role models, but also privacy, data protection, children's rights and youth protection as well as information, reliability and disinformation will be discussed and illuminated.
The panelists are David Miles (Facebook, EMEA), Anastasiya Dyakova (Adviser Digital Ministry, Ukraine), Jutta Croll (Stiftung Digitale Chancen, DE), Magdalena Duszynska (Science, PL), Ricardo Resende Campos (Lawyer, DE/Brazil) as well as the youth ambassadors of the EU-BetterInternet for Kids program Kathrin Morasch and Joao Pedro Martins.
The event will be Livestream via YouTube broadcast on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 16:10-17:40 and will be available afterwards.

Watch recording on YouTube

Please note: Only participants registered with the IGF can actively participate in the workshop. However, the event can be followed by everyone via livestream.