New video series "ChatGPT & Co. - AI in Education".klicksafe Expert*innen-Talk with educational scientist Nele Hirsch

Artificial intelligence and school: Since students have discovered ChatGPT as a practical helper in everyday school life, teachers are faced with the challenge of how to deal appropriately with generative AI in the classroom. Nele Hirsch is a pedagogue and educational scientist. With her initiative eBildungslabor, she strengthens educational professionals for learning and teaching in a digitalized society. In the new klicksafe Expert*innen-Talk, she provides helpful hints and tips on the topic of "ChatGPT & Co. - AI in education".

Educational professionals are increasingly confronted with the topic of artificial intelligence in the school context. Most recently in the context of school-leaving exams, in which students from Hamburg are said to have used the AI-based chatbot ChatGPT without permission. A recent survey by the digital association Bitkom concluded that more than half (53 percent) of students in Germany have already used ChatGPT to solve school tasks. More than half (58 percent) of the students surveyed also want AI to be discussed at school in order to learn how to use it properly. Schools are therefore faced with the challenge of integrating rapid technological developments, such as those currently taking place in the field of artificial intelligence, into their curriculum and supporting students in dealing with them.

Educational scientist Nele Hirsch in the klicksafe expert talk on the topic of AI in education.

Nele Hirsch is an educator and educational scientist. With her initiative eBildungslabor she offers impulses and advice on learning and teaching in a digitalized society, including on the topic of AI. She knows the concerns of educational professionals who are faced with the challenge of dealing with ever new technological developments and integrating them into the teaching context - as is currently the case with the topic of AI. In the klicksafe Expert*innen-Talk "ChatGPT und Co. - KI in der Bildung" ( ChatGPT and Co. - AI in Education), she talks to us in 4 videos about why children and young people should be introduced to the topic of AI at an early stage and how the risks of AI-based tools such as ChatGPT can be countered pedagogically.