klicksafe training "What to do in case of (cyber)bullying?" in November and December 2020

(Cyber)bullying can become a serious burden for children and young people. Often, those affected do not manage to free themselves from such a psychologically stressful situation without help. Especially in the context of schools, the question therefore often arises as to how professionals can deal with bullying, both preventively and actively, when bullying occurs. The klicksafe teacher manual "What to do in case of (cyber)bullying?" offers basic information, suggestions for practice and introduces systemic conflict management. In November and December 2020, klicksafe and its co-authors, Thomas Grüner and Jürgen Schmidt, will each offer a module on the topic of bullying based on the manual as a full-day online training course.

The progressive digitization of children's and young people's worlds - here in particular the phenomena of (cyber)bullying and sexual violence -  poses particular challenges for pedagogy and social work. Thus, the question in schools is not whether there are conflicts escalating in a hostile manner, but rather what pedagogical concept is used to deal with them: How can conflicts be used for social learning, democratic communities be strengthened, and bullying, radicalization and misanthropy be effectively and sustainably countered?

What is needed in schools and youth welfare is conflict management that is the responsibility of interprofessional teams. It involves all parties involved in the conflict as well as other relevant actors, such as parents, youth welfare offices and the police, promotes educational partnership, and establishes and strengthens the educational mission of the school. One of the main focuses is on establishing and securing democratic conditions in the everyday living space of the school and the class community.

Based on the teaching material "What to do in the event of (cyber) bullying klicksafe, together with the participating authors Thomas Grüner and Jürgen Schmidt, offers two full-day online training courses on the topic of (cyber)bullying:

  • Module 1 on "The system of bullying - The dynamics of bullying processes" will take place on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 from 9:00-16:00. Note: This date is already fully booked.
  • Module 2 will be held focusing on "The Simplex Model of Systemic Conflict Management" on Monday, December 7, 2020 from 9:30am-4:30pm. Note: This date is already fully booked.

Both modules are aimed at teachers and professionals in school education and educational work, as well as in school social work and school psychology, who would like to gain insight into the dynamics of inhuman escalating conflict events, especially in (cyber)bullying processes and their processing with a systemic conflict management concept, in schools.

Note: Both modules are already fully booked. Therefore, registration is no longer possible. It is expected that the events will be offered again in spring 2021.