School start 2022klicksafe materials for parents' evenings

Now that the new school year has started in all federal states, parents' evenings are on the agenda again. In order to support educational institutions and teachers as best as possible in their work with parents, klicksafe has developed handouts and concepts. On our website on the topic of parental work, we have compiled all materials on this topic for you.

Raising children is generally a major challenge for parents, and new influences and demands are constantly being added. Especially in the area of media education, parents are confronted every day with questions about age-appropriate media content, recommended times of use and the like.

When children use media - and they do so earlier and more frequently - parents are automatically required to take a stand, set limits, agree on rules, and at the same time support and encourage their children.

To help educators support parents in this challenge, you can find materials and suggestions on our parenting page.