#TogetherAgainstCyberbullyingklicksafe supports action day against cyberbullying 2022

Together against cyberbullying! Under this motto, klicksafe and four partner projects of other state media authorities have joined forces to take a stand against cyberbullying on November 18. The occasion is the annual, international "Stand up against bullying!" day. With three videos in which a young woman reports on her bullying experiences, young people, parents and educators are to be informed about cyberbullying and its consequences and sensitized to the topic.

Cyberbullying has become a permanent problem. This is shown by a recent study by Techniker Krankenkasse. 16.7 percent of students in Germany are affected by cyberbullying. Corona has exacerbated the problem. Before the pandemic in 2017, the figure was still 12.7 percent.
The consequences of cyberbullying can be serious for children and young people. In addition to physical complaints such as abdominal pain, psychological disorders can develop such as anxiety disorders or depression. According to the study, suicidal thoughts also occur in one in four children or young people affected.

Education and prevention more important than ever

klicksafe, JUUUPORT, handysektor, Internet-ABC and ZEBRA, nationwide projects of the state media authorities, have joined forces for the annual day of action against cyberbullying. Different target groups are targeted: Children, teenagers, young adults, parents and educational professionals.
On a separate campaign page This year's campaign page features videos and a comprehensive anti-cyberbullying package with information, materials and hands-on activities on the topic of cyberbullying.

Under the hashtag #TogetherAgainstCyberbullying, we are joining forces against cyberbullying on the day of action and invite all interested parties to participate on their own social media channels as well.

Videos on the day of action - bullying experiences of a victim

18-year-old Bianca reports on her personal (cyber)-bullying experiences as part of the day of action against cyberbullying. In three videos, she talks about how she experienced the attacks. She also draws attention to the bullies and outsiders who witnessed the exclusions. She tells what she would have wished from her classmates and teachers. And at the end, she gives tips on how others affected can defend themselves against bullying ­- whether offline or online.

Materials from klicksafe on cyberbullying