For people with disabilitiesklicksafe publishes the cyberbullying easy help app

Cyberbullying can affect everyone. Even people with disabilities. To help them find help quickly and without barriers, klicksafe and the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen Berlin e.V. (LAG WfbM Berlin) are publishing the Cyber-Mobbing Leichte Hilfe app. This app provides people with disabilities with low-threshold information and support in the event of cyberbullying. In addition to the app for iOS and Android, klicksafe also offers a suitable poster in simple language.

The new app is characterized by a particularly participatory approach. A working group of people with disabilities worked on the topic of cyberbullying over a period of two years, developing and implementing the content together.

The workshop employees were supported by the specialist advice center for violence prevention, employees from the workshops' social services, a sign language interpreter and a media educator from klicksafe.

All the content of the new "Cyberbullying Easy Help App" is designed to be understandable and accessible. Information and explanations on the topic of digital violence are written in simple language. There are also picture-based step-by-step instructions on how to block, report or delete contacts on social media platforms. Another key element of the new app are videos in which the working group participants themselves act as experts. They provide important tips in simple words or sign language. For example, how to take a screenshot or make a report to an online watchdog.

Download the app here

The "Cyberbullying Easy Help App" is available as a free download for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store available.

To go with the app: "What to do about cyberbullying?" Poster in simple language

The poster "What to do about cyberbullying" provides people with disabilities with tips on how those affected by cyberbullying can behave. The tips are written in simple language.

Information on the development of the app

The idea for this project arose from the experiences of the specialist advice center for violence prevention with workshop employees who were confronted with digital violence. The focus was on responsible behavior as well as education and prevention work against cyberbullying. With the help of accompanying materials for the vocational training sector and other offers, the app can therefore also be used to improve the target group's media skills.

The "Cyberbullying Easy Help App" is based on the "Cyberbullying First Aid App", which was developed by klicksafe specifically for the needs of children and young people. Of course, this version is still available to download free of charge.