#OnlineAmLimitklicksafe web seminar: How to achieve digital balance in everyday family life?

Digital media cast a spell over us all. But what is it that actually makes them so appealing? How do we prevent smartphones and the like from turning from everyday helpers into family quarrels? And how do we keep our usage time and that of our children under control? In a free web seminar for parents, klicksafe, together with the addiction help center in Aachen, gets to the bottom of these questions.

Children and young people exchange information with their classmates on the Internet. They pass the time with game apps or find out about the latest trends and online idols. Parents, on the other hand, use digital media to make an appointment with the doctor. They quickly order a gift for the child's birthday or check what's new on Facebook. So we all know the situation: once you get caught up in scrolling, clicking and typing, you quickly forget the time. The result? Stress, excessive demands and, in some cases, even physical warning signs such as sleep disorders or headaches.

This makes it all the more important to know methods for using media in a balanced way that makes us all feel good.

In our web seminar , together with Yvonne Michel from Suchthilfe Aachen, we explain what it is that young people find so fascinating about the digital world. We show how we can help them use media in a way that is appropriate for their age. And we talk about where to get help when online time gets out of hand.

The web seminar takes place as part of our parent campaign #OnlineAmLimit. We have collected more information about the campaign on this page.

Info and registration

Date: 13.09.2023| 17:00-18:30
Target group: parents
Free registration:https://eveeno.com/onlineamlimit