Crime and dangers on the Internet: Recognizing risks - gaining security

New topic focus of Silver Tips - safe online!

Reports of increasing crime or security gaps on the Internet are on the rise and are causing uncertainty. The Rhineland-Palatinate State Criminal Police Office (LKA), the Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center and the Silver Tips editorial team have joined forces to provide information about the dangers and how to protect yourself. The aim is to provide more security for surfing the Internet and for using smartphones and tablets.

Anyone who finds themselves in an emergency situation or observes unusual things should be able to make an emergency call to the police correctly. This is a topic that filmmaker Achim Wendel has taken up. Sebastian Rieß from the State Criminal Police Office gives tips on safe online shopping, carefree surfing on the PC and dealing with suspicious e-mails. In a video interview, ZDF director Dr. Thomas Bellut answers questions about "fake news." Dr. Florian Preßmar from the Rhineland-Palatinate State Agency for Media and Communication explains why prevention and media skills on the Internet are important factors. The Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center gives tips on how to protect yourself from cost traps on the Net and how to keep your PC fit. In the article "of Abofalle to virus protection" Expertin Jeanine wine gives ten safety Tipps for the Smartphone.

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