Learning with digital media - the updated edition of SCROLLER!

Learning videos, VR glasses, Makerspaces: In the children's media magazine Scroller, everything this time revolves around the topic of "learning with digital media".

The future has long since begun: Many children already carry their "digital satchel" in their pocket - their cell phone. It is an important companion for class chats, looking things up or learning vocabulary. There are good apps for tablet and smartphone that can be used to learn new things, practice or simply discover things in a playful way - and almost anywhere. It doesn't automatically make learning easier, but digital media can make learning more exciting and lively.

The updated issue 09 of the children's media magazine SCROLLER deals with questions about learning with digital media. How do people learn today? Are there apps that make learning vocabulary easier? Can VR goggles actually be used to enter unknown worlds? And how can makerspaces help people learn things hands-on by trying them out? The SCROLLER children's reporters, for example, have found answers to some of these questions: In an interview with students at a digital school, they learned that everyone there has a laptop and can decide for themselves whether a book, a pen or the laptop is better for working at the moment.

The updated SCROLLER 09 issue can be ordered free of charge from Teachtoday, including the supplement letters as a single issue or as a class set.

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