Learning platform: BIG DATA Analytics - Understand, See Through, Act

The terms digitization, big data and algorithms accompany our everyday lives. What should young people know about them and how can they be taught? The new BIG DATA Analytics learning platform offers practical assistance.

The learning platform of the jfc media center is aimed at professionals in the field of education and offers an initial orientation around the collection and analysis of our data. Background information and materials are assigned to topic areas and offered step by step in a learning path. In each topic area there are videos, links and methods for download.

The goal of the project is to jointly develop educational approaches and strategies for this important topic area and to bring together a growing pool of methods and materials. This means: the platform will continue to grow and professionals from the field of education can contact the project leaders to add their experiences and methods used.

The learning platform builds on the didactic development work of the jfc media center since 2014 and combines concrete methods and content education. The jfc Media Center also offers training and activities with young people on this topic.

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