Video Series: "Dear Parents, Listen Up!"

Media education the other way around. In the new video series from SIN - Studio im Netz e.V., children give adults tips on media use.

"Why don't you put down your cell phone?" is a phrase that many parents have probably said to their children because they were annoyed. But are we adults actually any better? Shouldn't we also take a look at our own noses?
SIN - Studio im Netz e.V. interviewed children. This is how the video series "Dear parents, listen up!" was created, in which various aspects of media use are discussed:
-     When do children feel disturbed by parents' cell phones?
-     To what extent is it annoying to be photographed all the time?
-     What helpful features do cell phones have?
-     What tips would the children give us adults?
The results are summarized in four short video clips that are available online: .