Love is Love - The Handysektor special on love and sexual orientation online

Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender - according to a study by the Dalia market research institute, more than 11% of German young people feel they belong to one of these groups. This means that significantly more young people than adults profess not to be exclusively heterosexual.

The younger generation in particular likes to find out about love and sexuality online. However, the information available on the Internet about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) is not transparent for young people. In its "Love is Love" special, Handysektor sheds light on the darkness and focuses on relevant online topics relating to love and sexuality. The topic special is also accompanied on the social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Am I gay or what?
What to do if you unexpectedly develop feelings for the same sex? How can you stand by your friend who feels she is transgender? Good advice is not always easy to find online, so Handysektor has an overview of helpful websites to get you started. For example, the overview of sexual orientation and gender identities at is presented, as well as the information platform, where advice centers in the vicinity can be found in addition to a clear lexicon.

In a personal interview, 25-year-old Marc provides first-hand information on what to look out for when chatting in gay communities, for example, or how online information for homosexuals has changed in recent years.

Against homophobia: role models on YouTube
Homophobic comments and insults are part of everyday life for many young people on Instagram, YouTube and Co. Handysektor shows why comments like "ihhh, full of gay!" are not okay and how best to react to homophobic hate comments. YouTubers also act as role models here. More and more video makers and influencers are speaking openly about their sexuality, talking about their own coming out, their first LGBT relationship, or speaking out against homophobia. Handysektor presents YouTubers who give courage, break down prejudices and provide entertaining information. In addition to the first Handysektor YouTuber of the Month Alicia Zett, this also includes videos by Michael Buchinger and Melina Sophie.


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