"Mom, can I use your phone?" - Tips on smartphones and tablets in children's hands

As of today, "Mom, can I use your cell phone?" can be ordered as a print brochure from klicksafe. 10 tips for parents of children between the ages of 3 and 6 on how to deal with cell phones, tablets & and the like in everyday family life.

Probably all parents know the annoying questions of their children about their cell phone or tablet. And many ask themselves: How should we deal with this? Are rigorous bans the right method, or isn't it also acceptable to get a few minutes of peace and quiet now and then in this way? On 24 pages, educators will find all the important answers on the subject of media consumption in early childhood, such as: How do I set a cell phone to be child-safe? What age limits should be observed? How do I find good online offers for my child?

This publication is based on the publication of the same name by our Austrian partner Saferinternet.at, whom we would like to thank for their cooperation.

The brochure "Mama, darf ich dein Handy" is available as a free download (PDF) or as a print version to order.

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