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The Media Literacy Action Week (WMK) bundles existing media literacy offers in Rhineland-Palatinate and makes the commitment to more participation in the digital world visible. Between June 24 and 30, municipalities, school and extracurricular educational institutions, associations, companies and many more can offer their own campaigns for the WMK. klicksafe will be represented again this year.

The Media Literacy Week is an initiative of the Ministry of Education Rhineland-Palatinate, the  PedagogicalState Institute and the Media Authority Rhineland-Palatinate and is supported by numerous partners, including klicksafe. The focus is on promoting media literacy for all age groups. Numerous campaigns and events will be held at various locations and online for and with all interested parties. Get involved by registering your own campaigns or participating in campaigns.

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Further media literacy offers and campaigns in Germany

There are also action days to promote media literacy in other federal states. Citizens can learn how to use media and receive helpful information. 

Saxony-Anhalt media literacy day

On November 14, 2024, the Saxony-Anhalt Media Literacy Network will declare the state-wide Media Literacy Day. The initiative aims to draw attention to media education and media pedagogy in Saxony-Anhalt. 

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Media literacy offers for Press Freedom Day

To mark Press Freedom Day 2024 on May 3, NDR is offering a wide range of media literacy activities in Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein . Pupils from the 8th grade onwards can experience how journalism works. NDR is offering two workshops each in Hamburg and Hanover, for which teachers can register their classes.

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