New klicksafe info areas for teachersMedia education in primary and secondary schools

Children and young people are growing up in a digitalized world. The Internet in particular, with its diverse offerings, opens up numerous opportunities for adolescents, but also risks. Teachers are faced with the challenge of supporting young people as early as elementary school in acquiring skills that encompass all areas of media literacy. Two new klicksafe info areas provide educators with an overview of offerings and materials for media education work in elementary and secondary schools.

The digital world is developing at an unbroken pace. This means that the challenges of navigating it competently and safely are also growing. Teachers in particular need ways to accompany young people on this path. How can they enable children in elementary school to use the Internet and its content competently and safely? Which teaching materials are suitable for secondary school in order to make media competence practical, varied and appealing?

klicksafe bundles materials for educational professionals in two new info areas on media education in elementary and secondary schools. In addition to a clear collection of klicksafe offers, there are also many other materials that are suitable for use in the classroom.