"Play 4 your rights"With cards against sexist hate speech

The card game "Responding Strategically" from medien+bildung.com is aimed at young people aged 12 to 18. The game helps to recognize different forms of sexist hate speech. Young people also learn which gender stereotypes and prejudices play a role in the construction of language. In addition, "Respond Strategically" shows ways to respond to hate speech. The card game can be ordered free of charge and used in the classroom or in independent youth work.

Sexist hatespeech (HateSpeech) is a form of gender-based violence. It perpetuates or even exacerbates gender inequality. Therefore, combating it is an educational urgency, especially in the school context.

The card game "Respond Strategically" addresses the issues of hate speech and gender-based violence. The game creates a safe space for young people to participate in a fun way. Many parts of the game are connected to the world of emotions and relationships. They make it possible to discuss important issues in a safe setting. The game has been tested with several groups of young people.

The card game is accompanied by a digital Urban Game. The app reproduces some of the situations depicted on the cards. This opens up new ways of working and reflecting with the young people.

Documentation "Play for your rights

In the documentation of the EU project "Play for your rights - Innovative media education strategies against sexism and discrimination" there is a lot more background information.

More information about the project

medien+bildung.com is a German partner in the EU project "Play for your rights! Innovative media education strategies against sexism and discrimination" ("Play for your rights! Innovative media education strategies against sexism and discrimination"). The aim is to combat sexist hate speech based on stereotypes and gender discrimination among young people. This goal will be achieved through social media education strategies and gamification practices. For young people, the gamified approach is a powerful learning and development tool: the approach encourages creative engagement with complex phenomena by young people.

Order and download at medien+bildung.com

Note: The print version of the card game is unfortunately sold out. However, you can still download all materials free of charge as a pdf.


React strategically - The toolkit for the game

React strategically - The card game against gender-based violence and hate speech

Play4! - The manual for the app

Play4! - Download the app in the app stores