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Instagram is one of the most popular social media services among young people in Germany. With our new quiz, young people can check how well they know about the platform. How do you recognize advertising? How do you protect yourself from harassment? And what's the blue tick all about? To go with this, a revised edition of our long-out-of-print Instagram flyer is now available to order again.

According to the JIM Study 2022, Instagram is the most important social media platform for young people - ahead of competitors TikTok and Snapchat. Instagram is known primarily for its focus on aesthetic photos and videos. But Instagram is also repeatedly criticized. For example, because unrealistic body images are sometimes propagated on the platform. In addition, there is the problematic content that is also known from other platforms. This includes, for example, hate speech, cyberbullying and cybergrooming.

With the right settings, young people can avoid some risks on Instagram. Our quiz helps young people check how well they already know about the platform. How do you recognize advertising, for example? How do you protect yourself from harassment? And what is the blue checkmark all about?

The quiz was created in cooperation with The safe settings for Instagram mentioned in the quiz can also be read at your leisure in the privacy guides at .

New flyer for teenagers

 In addition to the quiz, klicksafe also offers anew flyer for young people on the topic of Instagram at . The flyer on the popular social media app informs young people about important security and privacy settings and contains helpful tips on what to do in the event of cyberbullying or harassment. The flyer also contains links and tips on useful additional services for young people on the Internet. After being out of print for some time, the flyer can now be ordered again, with revised content and a new design.

Together with Handysektor, we have also summarizedimportant points of the general terms and conditions of Instagram in the series "Terms of use in brief" . This gives readers an overview of the terms and conditions of Instagram. This gives readers an overview of the minimum age, safety aspects, and data protection regulations.

Information on Instagram at

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