NEW: Flyer "Too naked for the Internet

10 steps for more safety in dealing with photos online: for parents and for teenagers.

klicksafe provides new flyers for young people and for parents. The flyers contain 10 steps for more safety when dealing with (children's) photos online and give tips on what to look out for before sharing a photo or video via messenger apps or social networks. With the help of the decision circle, it is possible to decide in an uncomplicated and step-by-step manner whether a photo or video is suitable for uploading and sharing, etc. The flyer is not intended to be understood in this way. The flyer is not intended to be used to check every photo or content for potential problems before sending it. Rather, it is intended to stimulate discussion and provide food for thought on how not to distribute content carelessly via digital media.

Points of contact include data protection, the right to one's own image, digital self-defense, sexting, cyberbullying and the special features of digital communication. The version for young people can be used, for example, as part of media scout projects, teaching units or in extracurricular youth work.

The flyers were developed by the University of Basel (Seminar for Media Science) and are available now at 

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