NEW: Lesson unit and poster on class chat rules.

The new teaching material was developed in cooperation with the youth portal Handysektor and addresses problems in class group chats.

By the time they reach secondary school, at the latest, many students have their own smartphone on their wish list. Even if not all of them have their own device: There is almost always a class chat group. The class chat group is used by children and young people for exchanges that usually go beyond school-related topics. A lack of netiquette and time or topic limits often lead to problems in class chat groups, such as cyberbullying or being overwhelmed. Any problems in class chat can also negatively impact class climate.

To prevent these problems, rules for the class group chat can be defined together with the students. It is not only necessary to regulate what content belongs in the chat, but also who is responsible for compliance with the rules and possible sanctions.

klicksafe would like to support teachers in developing such rules and offers the new teaching unit "Rules for Class Chat" in cooperation with Handysektor. Classes can record the rules they have worked out on the poster "Our rules for class chat" to go with the lesson. The lesson is suitable for use in grades 5 and up.

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