NEW: What is my child actually doing on YouTube?

Why does my child spend so much time on YouTube? What is so fascinating about YouTube stars and which videos are hot among young people? In the new booklet for parents, klicksafe provides information about video trends, YouTube stars and co.

For years, YouTube has been one of the most popular Internet services among young users: watching videos, commenting on them, sharing them, but also being part of the community yourself. The interactive video platform offers many exciting possibilities.  

The new booklet from klicksafe provides parents with background information and explains how they can support their children in using YouTube. A YouTube lexicon explains the most important terms related to the platform. It explains what is behind video formats such as Pranks, Challenges or Let's Plays and what you need to know about the most successful YouTube stars. In addition, questions about the possibilities and dangers of YouTube are answered and appropriate recommendations for action are presented. Parents get help on how to react if their child spends too much time on YouTube, wants to buy products from YouTubers or wants to become a YouTube star themselves.

To accompany the booklet, klicksafe provides a family checklist that parents and their children can use to discuss the contents of the booklet and work out tasks together on the topic of YouTube.

The new booklet is the first in a series of topics entitled "What does my child actually do on...? It contains the most important information and tips for parents on the most frequently used Internet services for young people. It is intended to help parents keep track of their child's media use. The second part of the series is to be published in summer 2020.